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The principal of Worldwide Marine Engineering Services Inc. spent 40 plus years in the business. First  with AT&T Submarine Cable Division for 25 years.  The Company started out as a consulting  business  to  the bigger companies installing Fiber Optic Submarine Cables.  The Companies represented by Worldwide Marine Engineering Services Inc. include   AT & T,   Sprint,   Seimens,  KDD,  NEC, NTT, PLDT,  Hong Kong Telecom,  Singapore Telecom,  Korea Telecom, Teleglobe of Canada, MCI, and Alcatel.



A US Coast Guard Licensed Captain. Had over 40 years of seagoing  experience  and the major  part  of  that service  was  the  Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Submarine cables.  He innovated  the Company in the  most  efficient and highly recommended Fiber Optic Cable Specialist in this fields.


Has been part of Worldwide Marine Engineering for over 10 years. He has worked on numerous cable projects and systems throughout the world. His experience includes cable surveying, cable lay and burial, Post Lay Inspection burial, cable inspection and repairs as well as shallow water work and connections. He recently worked on the SEA-US cable system. He currently serves as Managing Director of Worldwide Marine Engineering.


Has worked  for  Worldwide Marine Engineering Services  Inc. for a period of 15 years. Representing a whole Host  of  Owner of  Submarine Cables Owners.  His  most  recent  job  was  to  provide Owner  Representative onboard  various   ships  working  in Africa's offshore for SEACOM,  the  owner  of  the cable  system.  He is currently working on the Hong Kong Deep Burial Operations and Post  Lay Inspection  using  the Mako version Remotely Operated Vehicle for the owners of the AAG System.


Over 30 years of  worldwide sea-ongoing experience, encompassing numerous disciplines in the marine industry,  a  licensed  Master  Mariner , has worked on and off for Worldwide Marine Engineering Svcs.,Inc. for a  period of   more than 10 years.  His most recent  assignments included, Owner Representative onboard of the Tyco Resolute   during the installation of the SEACOM cable system, offshore Africa and onboard the repair vessel, Columbia offshore Bandon, Oregon for the China US cable repair.


A US Coast Guard  Licensed  Captain  worked on a par  time basis  for the  Worldwide Marine Engineering  Svcs., Inc. on the AAG, ASE and APG  Installation offshore.  Mr. Mavra is Chief Mate onboard of the Tyco Sentinel.


A seafarer since 1966, David has specialised in submarine cable work since 1973. He has worked with Global Marine systems Ltd., formerly Cable & Wireless Marine, for 43 years, and has been in command of their cableships for over 30 years. During his cableship career he has been involved in installing over 50 submarine cables, and has carried out over 300 cable repairs, including extensive use of sea ploughs and ROVs. Additionally, he has written cable route desk studies, carried out submarine cable route surveys, beach landing surveys and acted as Beach Master.

Since retiring from GMSL, David has worked as a Client Representative for WME, representing the SMW5 Owners on the installation of SMW5 through the Malacca Strait, and on shore end landing and lay of the Bangladesh section. He has also independently attended Hengtong Marine Cable Systems submarine cable trials as an Expert Witness.


A highly experienced self-motivated Chief Cable Engineer with extensive hands on experience in the field of Optical Submarine Cable system installations and repairs.

Has an extensive understanding of all aspects of optical fibres and Audio transmission testing.  Also experience in the field of Submarine Cable Jointing, and has worked on many submarine cable systems.

Is an articulate communicator with well-honed employee technical development, and motivational skills.  This has been achieved through the management of international multicultural telecommunication projects.  Has also worked closely with the ships masters to complete projects successfully to a high standard and within the permitted contractual time frames.


Experience in cable route survey as a Client Representative.  Worked as a geophysicist and hydrographic surveyor with 12 years experience.  Fluent in both English and Japanese.


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